Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Personal Car Communicator

The Personal Car Communicator (PCC) is an advanced remote control that combines keyless drive with two-way communication with your Volvo.

Personal Car Communicator Video Volvo XC60

Keep the PCC with you and the car unlocks automatically on your arrival. Start the engine with a press of a button, lock the car by pressing a button in the door handle. Later in the day, if you're wondering whether you've locked the car, your PCC can remind you; no matter where you are. And when you return to your Volvo – within a radius of approx. 200 to 328 feet – pressing the PCC information button will give you a current report on its status. And if the alarm has been activated, the onboard heartbeat sensor will give you advanced warning if there's somebody in your car and an opportunity to evaluate the situation safely. PCC can also be used to operate the other remote controlled functions – such as the central locking, alarm, security lighting and panic alarm.

Personal Car Communicator (PCC) is optional.

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