Saturday, May 23, 2009

Laminated Panoramic Roof

This exclusive Laminated Panoramic Roof will further enhance the experience of air and light for everyone inside the Volvo XC60. The front section can be opened at the push of a button, either by sliding it over the rear part, or by tilting it in the rear end. To help maintain climate comfort on sunny days, there's a power operated roller curtain. Dark tinted laminated glass increases comfort and security. It also helps protect from UV radiation. For safety reasons, the design of the Laminated Panoramic Roof is optimized and the two-piece glass is laminated.

Laminated Panoramic Roof Volvo XC60
Laminated Panoramic Roof Volvo XC60

Laminated Panoramic Roof - Special Introductory Offer with a $1,200 Value.

Adjustable Air Vents, Rear

Conveniently positioned in the door pillars, these adjustable air vents keep rear-seat passengers comfortable and ice and mist off the rear side windows.

Adjustable Air Vents, Rear Volvo XC60
Adjustable Air Vents, Rear Volvo XC60

Ergonomically Designed Seats

With their ergonomic design, pronounced side supports and luxurious padding, both Volvo's front and rear seats are widely accepted as some of the finest in the car world.

Ergonomically Designed Seats Volvo XC60
Ergonomically Designed Seats Volvo XC60

Add in features like stepless lumbar support in the driver's seat, together with a wide array of upholstery materials and designs – and you'll have a seat you'll never want to leave.

Hill Descent Control XC60

Hill Descent Control offers smooth, controlled hill descents on steep, rough roads. Simply push the Hill Descent Control button and the vehicle will descend using the brake system to control each wheel`s speed, leaving you to concentrate fully on steering.

The Hill Test XC60

Climb virtually any mountain in the Volvo XC60. Check out a slope so steep it would make Edmund Hillary nervous.

The Hill Test Video Volvo XC60

The Camel Test XC60

The Volvo XC60 is built tough to take on the rough as well as the smooth. Check out a test with more humps than a Bedouin`s backyard.

The Camel Test Video Volvo XC60

The Speed Test XC60

A fast favorite amongst the test drivers of Lov, sit back, buckle up and enjoy a hands-free high speed fix.

The Speed Test Video Volvo XC60

The Elk Test Drive XC60

In Sweden, Elk or Moose wander onto roads almost daily. So you need nerves of steel when swerving at 62 mph on the most slippery of tracks.

The Elk Test Drive Video Volvo XC60