Friday, October 23, 2009

City Safety Video Volvo

75 percent of all reported collisions occur at speeds of up to 18 mph and half of these occur in city traffic. To help reduce the consequences of a low speed collision in urban traffic and slow-moving traffic queues, Volvo is launching the foreseeing City Safety a standard feature in the Volvo XC60. Due to the infrared laser sensor, the City Safety Technology can determine whether you are approaching a vehicle from behind too fast. If the driver fails to react in due time, the City Safety will automatically apply the brakes in order to slow down the car either to avoid the collision, which is possible if the speed difference between the two vehicles is below 9 mph or reduce the impact if the speed difference is between 9 and 18 mph.

City Safety Video Volvo XC60

At the same time, the interior restraint systems are pre-prepared for activation. City Safety operates at speeds of up to 18 mph and is programmed to respond if the vehicle in front is either at a stand still or is moving slower in the same direction as your own car in order to help reduce the risk of injury to yourself and your passengers as well as reducing the risk of whiplash injury to the occupants in the vehicle ahead.

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